Stay updated on the latest advancements in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and IP Security, and discover how TAGIT is revolutionizing EM EAS technology for your security needs.

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Seamless Integration of Self-Checkout and EM EAS Security for Supermarkets and Retailers

Safeguard your inventory by securing all labeled products, including foil and metal-based items, and detect attempts to use booster bags by shoplifters. Experience the cutting-edge hybrid solution from Tagit and its partner JK System: Self-Checkout and EM EAS security combined into one seamless system for supermarkets and retailers.

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Beauty-X Schouten store

A new beautiful installation in the new Beauty-X Schouten store in the Winkelhof Leiderdorp with 8 Tagit Premium Light anti-theft EM EAS antennas. Security with EM labels, detection in boosterbags and equipped with WiFi Remote Access and Infra-red sensor. Congratulations on your new installation!

Beauty-X Schouten Besure TAGIT Premium Light

Beauty-X Schouten store

A new beautiful installation in the new Beauty-X Schouten store in the Winkelhof Leiderdorp with 8 Tagit Premium Light anti-theft EM EAS antennas. Security with EM labels, detection in boosterbags and equipped with WiFi Remote Access and Infra-red sensor. Congratulations on your new installation!

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Unleash the Power of Hybrid: Explore Our Innovative Solution for Self-Checkout and EM EAS Security All in One. Join Us and Discover More Highlights!
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Enhancing Security at Thang Long University with TAGIT 3D EAS Technology

Take a Closer Look at Our Latest Installation at Thang Long University in Ha Noi, With Gratitude to Our Trusted Partner HPT Vietnam Corporation, Anna Gong, and Pavlo Petrenko.

Even the smallest items -for TAGIT no problem

Effortlessly Protecting Even the Smallest Items - No Problem for TAGIT

Enhance Security with TAGIT EM Label Technology: Protecting Small Items, Including Metal Surfaces, and Defeating Theft



@ EUROSHOP 2020 TAGIT presented optimised EM EAS Systems capable of wider aisle widths.

ETOS Gaperbol opted TAGIT Fortuna 3D EM antennas from BeSuRe Nederland

ETOS opted TAGIT Fortuna 3D EM from BeSuRe

The ETOS Gaperbol on the Theresiastraat in The Hague has also opted for article security with our TAGIT Fortuna 3D EM antennas from BeSuRe Nederland. This is again one of the installations of many who follow at ETOS franchisees who see the benefits of EM security for their industry.

The systems are equipped with IoT / WiFi for remote service via the internet. Protect effectively and affordably.

Sephora Brazil reviewed AM, RF, RFID & TAGIT 3D EM

Sephora Brazil reviewed AM, RF, RFID & TAGIT 3D EM

Discover Why SEPHORA Brazil Chose TAGIT SA Anti-Theft Systems: Superior EM Technology for Enhanced Security. Learn How EM EAS Prevails in High-Risk Retail Environments.

DA-MOOI van Frits chooses TAGIT 3D EM

DA-MOOI van Frits chooses TAGIT 3D EM

MOOI Parfumerie DA - MOOI van Frits has opted for EM Market Leader Tagit in Bilthoven as EM is the only technology which has small labels which detect foil and metal packaging and still detect when placed in foil bags.

Thank you for this successful installation.



New lower cost label, which is slightly slimmer in width at 9.3mm v 10.8mm for standard AM labels. This allows us to add 20% labels in a sheet (126) and box (6000) and carton (24,000) reducing the storage and transportation cost. Detection performance is only 3 or 4% lower than standard AM labels and performs well in all AM systems in the market. The label is ideal for hand application in store.

New EM weigh-scale food label

Introducing Our Latest Innovation: EM Weigh-Scale Food Label for Enhanced Security

Effortlessly Protect High-Risk Fresh Food Products with Our Weigh-Scale Labels - No Additional Labor Cost Required. These Embedded Security Labels Can Be Printed with Any Printer Version, Making Application Quick, Easy, and Cost-Effective, While Ensuring Printing Quality. Say Goodbye to Staff Dependency for Security Tagging, Eliminating Unreliability and Inconsistency.

Effective and affordable security

Effective and affordable security

Parfumerie Mooi van Koek in Soest has opted for her article security for our TAGIT Premium Light 3D EM antennas from BeSuRe Nederland.

Congratulations on your new store and this wonderful installation.


Exploring the World of Security Paper: Unveiling the Latest Advancements and Innovations

Piotr Heller, a reporter from the renowned German radio station "Deutschlandfunk," interviews Vladimir Manov to discover how TAGIT Security Paper is safeguarding Intellectual Property.

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Come and discover this secure paper solution on our stand at SECURITE LAUSANNE 2018 from 14. - 16. November 2018. Thank you to DUKASCOPY TV and the club SWISS CORPORATE ALLIANCE for this excellent capsule.

BeSuRe Nederland has installed Tagit Premium Light EM system for article security


In the renovated Beauty-X store in the Lange Voort shopping center, BeSuRe Nederland has installed Tagit Premium Light EM system for article security.

Secufence for IP Security

Enhance IP Security with Secufence - TAGIT's Advanced Security Paper Solution

Secufence: Advanced Protection for Confidential Documents with TAGIT Security Paper at High-Tech Companies and Government Institutions

Test detection of Tagit EM systems in retail environments

Testing Detection

Testing Tagit EM EAS System Detection in Retail Environments: Demonstrated by Miklós Holbis

Protecting smallest items with ease

Effortless Protection for Small Items - TAGIT's Jewelry and Eyewear EM Security Solution

We've received inquiries about an electromagnetic (EM) version of a jewelry label, and TAGIT is excited to introduce our proven and competitively priced EM solution for jewelry and eyewear security. Our 32mm Power label with a jewelry sticker is the perfect security solution for small items. Join Lucia from TAGIT as she demonstrates how it works.



Tagit have had an excellent response to the Tagit Partner meeting of customers from over 30 countries around the globe, including partners from the Far East, Africa, India, Middle East, South America, and Russia as well as all over Europe.


This calculator shows you the comparison of the return of investment of the different EAS technologies. It shows the advantages of Tagit EM EAS, which are mainly used in cosmetics/pharmacy, bookstores, supermarkets and DIY.

The purpose of using EAS technology is to reduce losses caused by theft and thus increase profit/profit margin. The more efficient the loss prevention is, the more money can be made. Although the EM EAS security system is the most expensive, we should also look at the other side, which is the return of investment.
How will the investments really pay off and how will the technology really evaluate the impact on losses? This calculator will help you to make the right choice.


Elevate Your Security with TAGIT EM EAS Products

Tagit takes pride in introducing its comprehensive range of EM EAS solutions, all meticulously developed and manufactured under our strict supervision. As a leading provider of innovative EAS technology, we offer a wide array of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. From cutting-edge 3D EM EAS systems to premium anti-shoplifting solutions, we are committed to delivering top-quality products that provide superior performance and reliability. With our unwavering dedication to excellence and unmatched expertise in the industry, you can trust Tagit for all your EAS needs.


Do TAGIT 3D EM systems detect with products covered in aluminium foil or in aluminium foil bags (booster bags) used to trick other EAS systems ?

Yes, they can detect more effectively than other technology can do, because the operation frequency is low.
Tagit labels work on metal, round surfaces and small objects. Even booster bags will be detected. Watch how

Are TAGIT EM labels compatible with other EM systems ?

Tagit EM labels are compatible with all other EM systems, with the exception of Meto Systems, which require special Tagit labels in order to detect. For customers that have both Meto and other EM systems in place and wish to tag at DC or at the manufacturer special dual technology labels are provided which work on both types of systems.

Can Tagit 3D EM systems detect labels on metal objects ?

Tagit 3D Systems can detect on all metal objects with the only exception being metal which has been magnetised.

What Type of EM label do I need to apply on specific articles ?

In order to maximise detection the longer the label the better the detection is achieved. Therefore you would generally apply longer labels to larger products and shorter labels to smaller products. If the detection on smaller products still needs to improve you can also apply speciality high performance labels, like twin and power labels in order to boost the performance.

What ROI will I get with a Tagit 3D EM system ?

As you have the ability to be able to protect all of the high shrink items with Tagit 3D systems and labels you get a greater shrinkage reduction and therefore a much better ROI. Contact us to receive our ROI calculator by email.

Is there any products that I cannot protect with Tagit 3D system ?

The only products that cannot be protected are those that have magnetic properties. This makes the Tagit 3D system the most versatile on the market.

What systems nearby may cause environmental noise issues on the system ?

Some air conditioners, computers, special lights and Meto EM systems which are close to the Tagit 3D System. This is the same for most EAS Systems.

If there is a high level of environmental noise what can be done to improve performance ?

Ideally you would look to improve the noise environment, but if this is not possible the main benefit of the Tagit 3D System is that by using a Master-Master or Turbo configuration with sensors you have the ability to tune the system in order to maximise the performance.

What is the maximum aisle width I can have with Tagit EM systems ?

Tagit 3D EM Systems have the ability to detect labels up to 1.15m aisle width.

What do I need to do to maximise detection and/or aisle width ?

Detection can be maximised by using a master-master configuration, sometimes with Turbo and sensors, by using longer labels or by using speciality high performance labels.