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TAGIT partners offer local support for successful solutions from the ground up.
To get executive support for your country, please contact us.

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TAGIT produces EM labels for all types of EM systems including: Checkpoint/Meto, 3M, Old Sensormatic, J and P systems, Gateway, Certus, Dialoc and others.
Get in contact and order free samples for your business.

GET a Free ROI Calculation

We offer as a free service the calculation of your Return of Investment using different EAS technologies. Please leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Become a Certified Dealer

With its patented 3d EM detection TAGIT offers interesting business opportunities for electronic article surveillance.
Especially for retail with a lot of small items, TAGIT EM technology is the reliable and cost effective solution. If you want to become a certified TAGIT Partner get in contact using the contact form.

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