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YOUR  SAFEGUARD against physical data leakage of confidential information

Addressing Confidentiality Breaches: The Ongoing Impact of Paper Documents Despite Advancements in IT Technology

Despite the increasing adoption of IT technology, the problem of confidential information leaks persists, with paper documents being a significant contributor. A thorough analysis of the channels through which confidentiality breaches occur reveals that traditional hardcopies remain a prevalent and concerning issue. In this article, we explore the ongoing impact of paper documents in the era of digitalization and highlight the need for effective solutions to address this persistent problem.

The growing reliance on IT technology has undoubtedly revolutionized how businesses operate and communicate. However, the notion that confidential information breaches are solely limited to digital channels is a fallacy. Despite advancements in data security measures, paper documents continue to pose a significant risk. In fact, a substantial percentage of confidentiality breaches can be traced back to hardcopies, as revealed by comprehensive analyses. The reasons behind the persistence of paper document leaks are multifaceted. For one, the human factor plays a crucial role. Employees may inadvertently mishandle paper documents, misplace them, or fail to dispose of them properly. Moreover, paper documents are vulnerable to theft or unauthorized access, both of which can lead to information leaks. Additionally, the absence of robust tracking and monitoring mechanisms for paper documents makes it challenging to detect and prevent breaches. Furthermore, paper documents are often overlooked when it comes to implementing robust security measures. While IT technology has paved the way for sophisticated data encryption and access controls, paper documents are often left unprotected or not given the same level of attention. This oversight can have serious consequences, as confidential information can easily be compromised through physical access to paper documents.

When it comes to protecting your confidential information, TAGIT Security Paper System offers a one-stop solution directly from the developers. With its comprehensive security features, customization options, and access to expert support, TAGIT Security Paper System is a reliable choice for safeguarding your sensitive data.

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Hard Copy Protection System:
Strengthening Data Security for Physical Documents

High performance, thin and softmagnetic microwires embedded in TAGIT Security Paper.
Sensors limit printing to paper with microwires inside.
TAGIT 3D Security Gates and
CEIA Metal Detectors SMD 600 Plus & Hi-PE Plus - detect leakage.


What detection will I get ?

You will get detection of between 65 cm and 80 cm depending on the amount of soft magnetic micro-wires specified within the security page and the level of environmental noise in the area.

What size of security paper can you produce ?

We normally produce both A4 and A3 size security paper formats. In both standard and clean room specifications.

If the Security paper page is folded or cut, will it still be detected ?

Yes it will still detect, even though there may be a slight reduction in detection level.

Do you have a solution where the printer/copier can only print on security paper ?

Yes we have developed a special sensor which is easily fitted to printers where it only prints/copies when it sees security paper present.

Can I steal hard copies (IP, secrets) by putting the Security paper in booster bags to avoid alarm when passing through gates ?

Even if someone tries to screen the hard copies with aluminium or puts them in a booster bag the system will still detect and alarm.




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