EM One-Stop Service

Taiwan EAS Tech Co Ltd is the biggest EAS provider in Taiwan. We used to use Checkpoint Meto EM for many years. When Checkpoint Meto announced to stop production of EM system, we started to looking for new supplier from 2012.

After serious comparison of many EM products, including Gateway and Chinese companies, we finally decided to choose Tagit as our supplier. From one side, Tagit is a manufacturer who produces both EM systems and labels, which can provide one-stop service and competitive price. From another side, Tagit 3Dimentional technology provides better detection, especially in the very important vertical direction. What is more, Tagit system can work better in noisy environment than others.

Since 2013, about 100 systems have been installed in POYA cosmetic chain. Its label is very convenient for cosmetics, especially high value, small and round items. Tagit has provided to us good training, technical support. Every time, when we report problems, Tagit is active and cooperative, and react fast. They give technical support by email, by Skype, and several times by sending their technician from Europe to Taiwan.

Tagit continuously develop and improve its products to solve the new problems.


POYA is the specialty store offering personal beauty and daily merchandise. By the end of September 2017, POYA has opened 171 stores throughout the country. POYA’s stores average 1,653-3,967 square meters, offering various products.


Do TAGIT 3D EM systems detect with products covered in aluminium foil or in aluminium foil bags (booster bags) used to trick other EAS systems ?

Yes, they can detect more effectively than other technology can do, because the operation frequency is low.
Tagit labels work on metal, round surfaces and small objects. Even booster bags will be detected. Watch how

Are TAGIT EM labels compatible with other EM systems ?

Tagit EM labels are compatible with all other EM systems, with the exception of Meto Systems, which require special Tagit labels in order to detect. For customers that have both Meto and other EM systems in place and wish to tag at DC or at the manufacturer special dual technology labels are provided which work on both types of systems.

Can Tagit 3D EM systems detect labels on metal objects ?

Tagit 3D Systems can detect on all metal objects with the only exception being metal which has been magnetised.

What Type of EM label do I need to apply on specific articles ?

In order to maximise detection the longer the label the better the detection is achieved. Therefore you would generally apply longer labels to larger products and shorter labels to smaller products. If the detection on smaller products still needs to improve you can also apply speciality high performance labels, like twin and power labels in order to boost the performance.

What ROI will I get with a Tagit 3D EM system ?

As you have the ability to be able to protect all of the high shrink items with Tagit 3D systems and labels you get a greater shrinkage reduction and therefore a much better ROI. Contact us to receive our ROI calculator by email.

Is there any products that I cannot protect with Tagit 3D system ?

The only products that cannot be protected are those that have magnetic properties. This makes the Tagit 3D system the most versatile on the market.

What systems nearby may cause environmental noise issues on the system ?

Some air conditioners, computers, special lights and Meto EM systems which are close to the Tagit 3D System. This is the same for most EAS Systems.

If there is a high level of environmental noise what can be done to improve performance ?

Ideally you would look to improve the noise environment, but if this is not possible the main benefit of the Tagit 3D System is that by using a Master-Master or Turbo configuration with sensors you have the ability to tune the system in order to maximise the performance.

What is the maximum aisle width I can have with Tagit EM systems ?

Tagit 3D EM Systems have the ability to detect labels up to 1.15m aisle width.

What do I need to do to maximise detection and/or aisle width ?

Detection can be maximised by using a master-master configuration, sometimes with Turbo and sensors, by using longer labels or by using speciality high performance labels.


Let me know if you need further information regarding TAGIT EAS solutions. I am happy to assist.
Mascha Smets | Client Relations