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In high technology offices and government buildings there is a lot of highly confidential printed material, blue prints and certificates which are illegally removed from the building with the potential loss of IP or value. These paper copies or originals need to be protected and detected at the exit of the buildings even when hidden in brief cases or in aluminium bags, as people walk out.

Tagit 3D EM Systems and Security Paper is the only solution available to protect these hard copies in a cost effective way.

HARD COPY Protection System: Strengthening Data Security for Physical Documents
High performance, thin and softmagnetic microwires embedded in TAGIT Security Paper.
Sensors limit printing to paper with microwires inside.
TAGIT 3D Security Gates and
CEIA Metal Detectors SMD 600 Plus & Hi-PE Plus - detect leakage.


The Tagit 3D EM EAS innovative new technology is one of the most effective anti-theft security systems in today’s marketplace.
Thanks to the patented algorithm of the Tagit anti-shoplifting EM EAS System, the detection of the EM security tags occurs regardless of their position within the magnetic field. This results in high detection rates when using a standard EM EAS system.

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A glimpse at the production process of TAGIT Security Paper. Showing the microwire production as well as in-house quality management.

Advanced TAGIT 3D EM EAS Systems for Superior Theft Protection

With its patented 3D detection technology, TAGIT offers high-level detection in all three label orientations, along with enhanced aisle widths, subject to configuration and on-site electrical noise levels. This advanced technology ensures efficient and reliable detection of EAS labels, providing superior security for your merchandise.

TAGIT EM EAS Systems are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and reliability. These cutting-edge systems are designed to meet the exit protection requirements of various applications, including high-end cosmetic stores, libraries, archives, bookstores, pharmacies, wine shops, galleries, and more. TAGIT's anti-shoplifting security systems are available worldwide, providing comprehensive protection for your valuable merchandise.

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What detection will I get ?

You will get detection of between 65 cm and 80 cm depending on the amount of soft magnetic micro-wires specified within the security page and the level of environmental noise in the area.

What size of security paper can you produce ?

We normally produce both A4 and A3 size security paper formats. In both standard and clean room specifications.

If the Security paper page is folded or cut, will it still be detected ?

Yes it will still detect, even though there may be a slight reduction in detection level.

Do you have a solution where the printer/copier can only print on security paper ?

Yes we have developed a special sensor which is easily fitted to printers where it only prints/copies when it sees security paper present.

Can I steal hard copies (IP, secrets) by putting the Security paper in booster bags to avoid alarm when passing through gates ?

Even if someone tries to screen the hard copies with aluminium or puts them in a booster bag the system will still detect and alarm.

Let me know if you need further information regarding TAGIT EAS solutions. I am happy to assist.
Mascha Smets | Client Relations